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Upcoming 2017 Courses:

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NC OSFM Technical Rescuer

TR Victim Management

Valleytowne Fire & Rescue

August  19,20, 2017

Open Class No Pre-Registration


Rescue 3 Int. Recreational Rappel Operator (RRO)

Western, NC

September 11,12, 2017



Rescue 3 Int. Technical Rope Rescue; Technician Level (TRR-TL) 

Six Mile Fire Dept. ; Pickens Co., SC

September 9,10, 15,16,17, 2017

Closed Class; Registration Closed

Advanced Wilderness Rescue & Rigging

Mountain Retreat & Learning Center
Highlands, NC

September 28,29,30, 2017

Rescue 3 Int. Technical Rope Rescue; Technician Level (TRR-TL) 

Mountain Retreat & Learning Center; Highlands, NC

October 1-5, 2017


Swiftwater & Flood Rescue Technician I

Swain Co. Rescue Squad
Nantahala River, Bryson City, NC

October 6,7,8, 2017

Swiftwater & Flood Rescue Technician
Swain Co. Rescue Squad
Nantahala River, Bryson City, NC

October 8,9,10,2017

2017 Swiftwater Rescue Raft Guide School

Nantahala River

October 11,12,13, 2017


2017 Swiftwater Rescue; Night Operations 

Nantahala River, NC

October 13,14,2017

NC OSFM Technical Rescuer

Trench Rescue Series

Valleytown Fire & Rescue

October 2017

Swiftwater & Flood Rescue Technician I

Swain Co. Rescue Squad
Nantahala River, Bryson City, NC

November 10,11,12, 2017




A Message From Rescue NC Owner Trey Smith…

Hi Y’all !!! 

Thank you for visiting our website! I am excited to announce our 2017 training calendar is now posted (scroll below). You will see we have several exciting training opportunities in store for you this year with more challenging & scenic venues.  We are also offering several new courses aimed at training our clients beyond the technician level. We have purchased several thousand dollars in new gear for our rope-based programs.  Our new PMI/Terradptor portable high directional anchors system is now being incorporated into our all of our rope and advanced rigging classes, as well as, our new CMC load cell Enforcer.  Our new Advanced Wilderness Rescue & Rigging courses include the use of artificial and primitive anchors systems, as well as, the use of the MPD and Petzl ID multi-purpose rigging devices. Our new equipment will provide you with the latest technology and rigging skills needed for today’s complicated rescue problems. Please visit our Rescue North Carolina facebook page, to keep up with the latest class pictures and educational information. I have also launched our RSQNC Twitter and Instagram feed to provide our clients with up-to-date information regarding classes and other information. We have been proudly training the emergency & tactical response community since 1994. Our international clients consists of emergency responders, military special operation units, and recreational organizations throughout the United States and beyond. My promise to you is to consistently deliver the highest quality  and most challenging training to exceed your specific agency needs. Whether you are a government agency, industrial emergency response team, or outdoor enthusiast, we have a course to fulfill your training needs. 



New Gear for 2017

At RSQNC, we believe more emphasis on advanced level rope rigging and skill sets is needed. The changing technology and testing within rope rescue will revolutionize how we get the job done.

Over the past few years, remarkable improvements to rope equipment has taken place and now offers gear that no longer serves as a single use device but now provides the rigger with a multi-use device for a variety of rope rescue problems. We have invested several thousand dollars to bring you the latest in technology and  rigging skills to provide our clients with a  safer and advanced rescue training experience. If you are looking for a more primitive style of rigging, we are offering our 2nd annual Advanced Wilderness Rescue & Rigging course in Highlands, NC and now in the scenic Chimney Rock Sate Park. This course will provide our students with a limited amount of gear for wilderness rescue under scenario-based training.  





We offer courses for the following professions: 

  • Fire & Rescue Agencies
  • Swiftwater & Flood Rescue Teams
  • Wilderness Search & Rescue Teams
  • Federal Protective Services
  • FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Teams 
  • Law Enforcement Tactical Teams
  • Military Special Operations Teams
  • Wildlife & Dept. of Natural Resources Teams
  • Industrial Haz-Mat Teams
  • Industrial Confined Space Rescue Teams
  • Outdoor Recreational Employees
  • Industrial Rope Rescue Teams
  • Industrial Fire Brigades
  • Tower Workers


Below is a listing of just a few of the course offerings we deliver. Our programs are targeted for responders not only at the entry level but this who are building upon previously acquired skills sets that are compliant with several National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and OSHA standards. Below is listing of the major categories of technical rescue we offer.


Swiftwater Rescue


Tower Rescue


Confined Space Rescue


Trench Rescue



Wilderness Rescue & Advanced Rigging



Industrial & High Angle Rope Rescue



Aerial Ladder Rigging & Rescue



Large Equipment & Vehicle Extrication



Swiftwater Rescue Raft Guide School


Portable Rigging Pod Systems

(Artificial High Directional Anchor Systems)



2017 Calendar