Our instructional staff has over 50 combined years of public safety & tactical response and training experience and serve as active members of the North Carolina Urban Search & Rescue Task Force. In addition, we have 15 years experience training and developing industrial emergency response teams. Officially incorporated in 1990, Rescue North Carolina LLC. develops and delivers training programs for Fire/Rescue, EMS, law enforcement, military special operations, and industrial emergency response teams. 

We have also been instrumental in the development of safety plans for industry, and the delivery of OSHA and NFPA compliant safety training programs for various private and governmental agencies. 

Curriculum Development and Training Philosophy

  • Safety priority #1.
  • Create challenging scenario-based training opportunities to enhance the learning process.
  • Create realistic training scenarios
  • Create a realistic training environment for training the student is expected to perform.
  • Staff members are not only qualified instructors, but strive to continue their education and experience in becoming more proficient in their skills sets.
  • Provide an instructor-student ratio that allows a positive balance between assuring competent supervision and quality instruction.
  • Provide a curriculum developed to exceed the requirements relevant NFPA Standards and OSHA regulations.
  • Information presented shall include
    • Theory presentation
    • Skill demonstration
    • Practical application under controlled situations
    • Practical application under simulated emergency situations.
    • All practical applications and emergency simulations are evaluated against a written standard and practical assessments prior to testing.

Nowhere else can you find more comprehensive firefighter training and emergency services instruction than with Rescue North Carolina LLC. We offer a customized training format at customer-specified locations worldwide through high-quality emergency response training and instruction in a variety of specialty areas.

Rescue North Carolina has been providing unsurpassed fire training for emergency responders since 1994 and provided advanced training skill sets to over 6,000 responders from across the nation.

Rescue North Carolina LLC. can provide your organization or copmany the following training and safety related services:


Rescue 3 Water Rescue Courses
(Industrial & Professional Responders)

 North Carolina OSFM
Fire & Technical Rescue Courses


Rescue North Carolina Custom Courses

  • Technical Rescuer; General & Rope Series
  • Swiftwater Rescue Night Operations
  • Technical Rescuer Vehicle &
    Machinery  Rescue Series

  • Swiftwater Rescue Guide School
  • Technical Rescuer; Confined Space Rescue

  • Mountain Rescue & Rigging
  • Technical Rescuer; Trench Rescue

  • Advanced Bus Extrication
  • Technical Rescuer; Water Rescue

  • Advanced Vehicle Extrication
  •  Technical Rescuer; Agriculture Rescue

  • Advanced Machinery Extrication
 North Carolina OSFM Firefighter I & II Certification Series  

  • Aerial Apparatus Rescue Operations
   Live Fire Training-Live Fire Training  

  • Challenge Tower & Canopy Tour Rescues
Rescue 3 Rope Courses
(Industrial & Professional Responders)

  • Rope Access Training

  • Technical Rescue- Tower Rescue-
Rescue 3 Confined Space Rescue Courses
(Industrial & Professional Responders)

  • Fire Training
    • North Carolina OSFM Technical Rescue