Other Services We Provide:

Flood / Swiftwater Rescue Team Development 

Is your agency considering developing into a local or regional flood/swiftwater rescue team? Rescue North Carolina LLC. can assist you in the typing process to become a FEMA compliant flood/swiftwater rescue team. Let us guide your agency into developing specialized rescue asset within your region by allowing us to work alongside your agency to create a customized a water rescue response team cache’ and implementation and delivery of a continuing education program. Our services also include delivering training, testing, and evaluating the readiness of you special rescue operations team.

Flood / Swiftwater Rescue Team Training 

Scheduling training for your technical rescue team can be overwhelming. Let us assess your training needs and schedule your agency’s specialized annual or semi-annual training program. Our instructors will work closely with your training staff to schedule and develop a comprehensive training program on an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly basis.


Flood / Swiftwater Team Skills Assessment 

Occasionally, teams that were once developed into proactive technical swiftwater rescue teams have evolved into  less than stellar performs as funding for training comes and goes. Operating on a shoestring budget for training results

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