Our Mission

Rescue North Carolina LLC. is committed to promoting knowledge, experience, and safety, as well as, to reduce injuries and deaths of our nation’s responders and within the communities they serve.

Provide comprehensive and challenging courses to our students while providing opportunities for personal career development. Make a lasting impression upon their ability to manage, perform, and conduct fire & rescue operations.” We accomplished through reading assignments, lectures, extensive hands-on practical exercises, simulations, and a formal testing process.”

And most of all…. make the learning process enjoyable!


Rescue North Carolina strives to meet the needs of our clients through quality performance and excellence in service.


These values are intended to guide our efforts and should be obvious in every action and delivery of instruction. Below are the core value statements derived from the value words that we as an organization chose as the guiding principles for our members.


Honor is the value of personal and professional accountability displayed through integrity, honesty and ethical behavior. We recognize the privilege of serving, and will treat everyone with dignity and respect.


Our core value of professionalism defines who we are. We believe our chosen career is an upstanding and sound service to the clients we serve. We take our role seriously and do all that we can to be a positive model for future generations.


We respect and honor the traditions of our company, community and profession.


We value dedication as a positive driving force to successfully utilize our skills, knowledge, and capabilities to work through any challenge, adversity, or other barrier to meet the community’s needs and the needs of our organization and its members.


We value and develop our students into leaders and encourage teamwork and embrace each member’s capabilities & contributions towards enhancing the performance and efficiency as a whole. Teamwork and shared leadership are critical to our company and we will actively promote collaboration and cohesiveness among our team members.