Our Weekend Specialist Workshops

We offer several custom 1 or 2 day training formats as a part of our Weekend Workshop series.  Whether it is firefighter, fire officer, or technical rescue or haz-mat, we can bring our training programs to your agency! Contact us today to schedule your continuing education training program. 


Let Rescue North Carolina LLC.’s qualified instructional staff develop and maintain your quarterly or semi-annual technical rescue continuing education program!

Our continuing education courses are customized “non-certification” courses specifically aimed at maintaining the training of responders trained to the N.F.P.A. standards for technical rescue. All of our courses have 1-2 hours of lecture followed by extensive scenario-based team assessments stations. (All scenarios are performed in teams.)

 These courses are designed to fit your jurisdictions specific training needs in a 1 or 2 day format. Assuming courses are delivered through a local N.C. community college, there is no charge to your agency! Just have your local community college agree to sponsor the course and let us do the rest!

Technical Rescue Workshops

  • Rope Rescue
  • Trench Rescue
  • Water Rescue
  • Boat Operations
  • Confined Space
  • USAR
  • Land Search
  • Aerial Ladder Rigging & Rescue
  • Highline Operations
  • Advanced Extrication
  • Advanced Bus & Big Rig Extrication
  • Wilderness Rigging & Rescue
  • Artificial High Directional Rigging & Rescue

Firefighting Workshops

  • Live Fire Training
  • Firefighter Survival
  • Rapid Intervention
  • Managing the Multiple Maydays
  • Flow Path Management
  • Fire Dynamics
  • Forcible Entry
  • Ventilation
  • Fireground Simulations
  • Fireground Tactics Simulations
  • Hose Operations
  • High-Rise & Mid-Rise Operations

A Question From Our Students… “My certification says it expires, should I re-certify every few years in order to maintain my certifications?”

Fact: Many certifying rescue training organizations or delivery agencies may imply your certifications are only valid for a few years or does not have an expiration date.   This is the recommended re-certification period by training providers for those responders who do not regular participate within continuing education courses for each discipline.

Fact: Most students who become certified in technical rescue rarely practice their skill sets and often become deficient.  If you do not practice your skills, you and your organization are compromising the safety of the team and their patients.

Fact: Very few rescue organizations require team members to attend a continuing education program for swiftwater or rope rescue in order to maintain proficiency to the NFPA 1006 Technician level for water or rope.

 Fact:  Factors impacting responders from maintaining their training:

  • Limited funding for training.
  • Increasing costs of courses are no longer affordable.
  • Travel costs.
  • Low enrollment
“Once a student has completed initial N.F.P.A 1006/1670 Technician Level rescue training courses, it is strongly recommend that the student continue to practice & train in order to maintain their skill levels. Without sufficient practice, their skills become outdated and refresher training is required.”
It is important to note that neither NFPA 1670 nor 1006 specify or require any time period for recertification.

Thus, the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) is ultimately responsible for deciding how often rescuers must re-certify.” 1

Therefore, the AHJ can elect to implement an in-house continuing education program or attend a refresher training course within the rescue discipline at the Technician Level as a measure to maintain the skill proficiency for their members.