Technical Rope Rescue Technician Level (TRR-TL)

Course Overview

This 40-hour (5-day) program, developed by Rescue 3 International Inc., is considered to be the premier source for rope and swiftwater rescue training. This course can be offered at a local training tower, industrial plant, military installation, or wilderness environments. 
 This five-day course consists of day and night rescue situations rescuers may encounter involving low and high angle environments. Skill sets acquired through the completion of this course will complement all aspects of technical rescue and tactical operations. 


 The TRR-TL course is a physically challenging class. Students with extensive health concerns are discouraged from attending this course. This course  is one of three classes needed for personnel desiring to meet requirements of the NFPA 1670 and 1006 Standards for the technician level for rope & water rescue. This is an objective-driven course, class times will be will promptly adhered and will dismiss when all objectives for each training date have been completed.

Because the TRR is a NFPA compliant course, students demonstrate the requisite skill or knowledge of all required skills within the course in order to receive Technician Level certification, students unable to perform these skills will be given the option to downgrade towards the Ropes; Operations level certification or make up the skill in another course. Previous rope rescue training is preferred but not required.

Topics include:

  • Rope, Harness, Hardware, & Software Characteristics
  • Harness Suspension Pathology
  • Simple & Compound Mechanical Advantages
  • Simple & Multi-point Anchoring Systems
  • Primitive Rigging and Anchoring Systems (Pickett & Timer Rigging)
  • Terradaptor & Artificial High Directional Rigging **New**
  • Patient Packaging & Litter Management
  • Vertical and Horizontal Lowers & Raising Systems
  • Advanced Rigging Techniques & Equipment
  • Stranded Climber Pick-off’s
  •  CMC MPD & Petzl Id Rigging **New**
  • Rock Exotica Aztec & Petzl JAG Mechanical Advantage Uses **New**
  • Tower Rescue Options & Skate Block Rescue System **New**
  • Passing a knot in a Lowering System
  • Improvised Harnesses
  • Belay Systems
  • Ascending & Descending Fixed Rope Systems
  • Highline Rigging Systems


Cost & Registration:

  • The Initial course price is $600
  • The  Re-certification price is $450

Technical Rope Rescue; Operations Level (TRR-O)

This 24 -hour (3-day) course provides students with the fundamentals of rope rescue in the low to steep angle environment. Students learn various aspects of basic knot applications into practical rescue problems. This NFPA compliant course is an alternative for agencies or private industries looking to provide their responders with quick access options and patient packaging  methods used in evacuating patients from vertical rescue problems. The TRR-O incorporates the following topics:

  • Rope, Harness, Hardware, & Software Characteristics
  • Harness Suspension Pathology
  • Simple & Compound Mechanical Advantages
  • Simple & Multi-point Anchoring Systems
  • Primitive Rigging and Anchoring Systems (Pickett & Timer Rigging)
  • Terradaptor & Artificial High Directional Rigging **New**
  • Patient Packaging & Litter Management
  • Vertical and Horizontal Lowers & Raising Systems
  • Advanced Rigging Techniques & Equipment
  •  CMC MPD & Petzl Id Rigging **New**
  • Rock Exotica Aztec & Petzl JAG Mechanical Advantage Uses **New**
  • Passing a Kot in a Lowering System
  • Improvised Harnesses
  • Belay Systems
  • Rappelling Systems

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First Due Low Angle (FDLA)


This 8-hour course is designed with a focus on low angle operations.The course equips first due engine & rescue crews with the skill sets required to safely and efficiently conduct patient access and extraction during low complexity incidents such as vehicle over the embankment rescues. Central to the course is the introduction of the latest in proven international and industrial tools & practices, offering significant efficiencies in instruction time, field deployment times and student retention. Due to the limited information, students do not need to possess prior rope knowledge and skill sets associated with general rope rescue.

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Tower Safety & Rescue for Emergency Responders (TWRER)

This 24-hour course is designed to prepare emergency responders to conduct rescues in a tower environment. Topics considered include equipment, ropes and rigging, safety considerations, scene management and organizations, simple pick-off in a tower environment, lowering, extrication of entangled workers, team-based rescue and litter management in a tower environment.  Our tower safety & rescue program has been designed to provide you with an introduction and working knowledge of tower operations. Tower scenarios can include Water Towers, cell & media towers (lattice or monopod) for all types of students. We strongly encourage our students seeking tower rescue certification to complete a NFPA rope rescue technician program in order to be prepared for the challenges faced during elevated rescue incidents.

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Industrial Rope Rescue Technician

Falls are the number 1 killer in the construction industry and the number 2 killer in private industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The OSHA and NFPA compliant Industrial Rope Rescue course is designed to prepare companies and workers at height in the occupations covered by OSHA that require Fall Protection and Fall Arrest.

The IRRT program provides training and education on the safety requirements for personal fall arrest systems, guidelines for minimum requirements for a Managed Fall Protection Program, Safety requirements for positioning and travel restraint systems to help prevent falls, and safety requirements and Hands-on training for Assisted-Rescue and Self-Rescue systems (ANSI/ASSE Z359.4).

This course is approximately four days—32 hours total with 4-6 hours of classroom and 26-28 hours in the field. The class will be held over 4 days. This agenda can also be adjusted to fit each group’s training objectives if necessary 





Confined Space Rescue for the Professional Rescuer

This course 3-day is designed to improve the safety and productivity of emergency responders faced with responding to confined space emergencies. The focus of the course is on hazard identification, safe operations and rescue skills. The course covers basic and specialized equipment, rope and rigging, safety considerations, scene management and organization, lowering and raising systems, patient packaging and litter management in confined space environments.

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Coming Soon!!! 

  • Rope Rescue Operator

  • Rope Rescue Technician

  • Rope Rescue Specialist




Western North Carolina Class Info (Highlands, NC)

The classroom & practical portions of the course will be held at the Mountain Retreat & Learning Center in Highlands, NC on NC Hwy. 106 (See directions below) The initial class session addresses the fundamentals of rope rescue, new technology, and specialized techniques in rope rescue. Remaining class time involves conducting hands-on scenario-based training where students apply their newly acquired skill sets into a realistic applications involving intensive low and high angle rescue skills.

 The Schedule(s):

Day 1


Mountain Retreat Lrng. Cntr.



Mountain Retreat Lrng. Cntr.

Day 3


Mountain Retreat Lrng. Cntr.

Day 4


Mountain Retreat Lrng. Cntr.

Day 5   0800-1800 Mountain Retreat Lrng. Cntr.

Training locations may vary so students will need to provide their own transportation.

Students should have completed and certified as:

  • NFPA 1006 Rope Rescue Operations training  is preferred or equivilant




Students will need to provide the following protective equipment:

  •         An approved NFPA Class II or Class III Rescue Harness
  •         Jumpsuit/ Flightsuit/ BDU’s or other garment to protect arms and legs
  •         Leather palmed gloves for rope work  (No Fire Gloves of Extrication gloves!!)
  •         Rain Suit or Gore-Tex Coat
  •          Clothing suitable for the diverse mountainous climate
  •         Rugged boots suitable for hiking or climbing ropes (ankle protection)
  •         Camera
  •         25’-30’ length of ½” Static Kernmantle Rope for Safety Lines or 1” tubular webbing.
  •         4 Steel or aluminum Carabiners (20kn rating minimum)
  •         Hat or ballcap
  •         Headlamp
  •         Snacks, hydration system or water bottle during class
  •         Synthetic Undergarment Thermal Protection (Polypropylene)
  •         Eye Protection
  •         A rock climbing or water rescue vented helmet


Lodging & Training Site Directions

The Rescue 3 Western NC; TRR-TL course is conducted on the grounds of the Mountain Retreat and Learning Center located at 3872 Dillard Road (Highway 106), Highlands, NC 28741,The retreat is located along the NC, SC, and GA state lines and offers a spectacular view of all three states from a 5000’ elevation. Situated high atop the Southern Appalachian Mountains and surrounded by the Nantahala National Forest, this location allows extensive access to area waterfalls, state parks, and hiking areas where potential rescue events may occur.

The center is located 4-miles southwest of downtown Highlands, NC and 10 miles east of Dillard, GA on GA Highway 246/NC Highway 106. GPS is not always reliable.

Driving Directions:
Please follow the directions below.

From Asheville/Knoxville: Take I-40 West from Asheville (1½ – 2 hrs.) or East from Knoxville (3 hrs.) to Exit 27 at Clyde, NC. Follow the signs for US 23/441 South towards Dillard, GA. 
You will turn left at the Dillard stoplight (HWY 106) then go 10 miles to The Mountain.


From Atlanta: Take I-85 North to I-985 North which later becomes US 23/GA 365 and becomes 23/441. Follow 23/441 North to Dillard. (2½ – 3 hrs. depending on traffic).  Turn right at the light on GA 246, which will become NC 106 at the NC State line.  From the light in Dillard to The Mountain 1s 10 miles.


From Chattanooga: Take US 64 East to Franklin, NC. Turn onto 23/441 South to Dillard. Turn left at Dillard stoplight at GA 246.  The Mountain is in 10 miles. (Approximately 3 hrs.)


From Charlotte/Greenville: Take I-85 South. Just before the GA line, take Exit 1, Rt. 11 North to US 76 West to Clayton, GA. Turn right on 23/441 North and proceed to Dillard. Turn right at Dillard stoplight onto GA 246, which will become NC 106 at NC State line.  The Mountain is 10 miles from the turn at Dillard.
(Approximately 2 hrs. from Greenville)


Goggle map:,-83.267097&spn=0.078291,0.181274&t=p&z=13&msid=112683461029546796442.000456d35ca1b4ddc005d


The Mountain is 2 hours driving time from the Asheville airport and 2.5 hours from the Atlanta airport. 

Rental cars are the easiest/most cost effective way to travel from the airport. If you have a large group and would like to inquire about a shuttle service.


Lodging Rates & Meal Details

Lodging and meals for the course will be hosted by the Mountain Retreat & Learning Centers, Inc. in Highlands, North Carolina. 

 Retreat Lodging Rates:

Approximately $400 Per person


  • 5 nights of overnight bunkhouse lodging including linens. 
  • All meals including the last day (Breakfast, lunch, & Supper)

Bring an extra towel just in case.


Lodging Registration:

The MRLC has implemented a new Online Reservation system that each student or group must complete in order to secure a room on the premises and meals during the class.    
The price for lodging for 5 nights and meals is $400 per student.

Please visit the following link to reserve your lodging and meals:

If this link does not work, go to the MRLC website directly and click on the online reservation button.

Mountain Retreat & Learning Center Home Page

IMPORTANT!! During the registration you will see Rescue NC Technical Rope Rescue as the group name. Choose the “Bunkhouse” option if you are staying on site. This price includes all of your meals, as well. You will need to bring linens or sleeping bag with you if you do not choose the linens option.

The bunkhouses have bunk beds and a private bedroom with two twin beds. There is one bathroom per bunkhouse.


Your registration at the center also includes your meals and snacks throughout the class. During your registration, you must complete the meal section to identify any specific meal or nutrition needs you may have.

Payment in full is required at the time of lodging registration. The Mountain will assign guests a roommate if one is not requested.

Retreat Information:

Guests at The Mountain are housed in cabins with a private bath and large, airy windows and are in a bunk bed style arrangement. Cabins have a variety of configurations – and feature rocking chair porches with spectacular views of Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina all from your porch! Linens, blankets, pillows and towels are provided. Each living space is heated and includes a bathroom. There are no phones or TVs in living accommodations by design, but phones are available on our campus and incoming messages are delivered to guests by Mountain staff. There is wireless internet access throughout the retreat.