We over ten (10) Rescue 3 International courses.  We offer a customized Rescue 3 course specifically for your agency's needs and busy time demands. 
Whether you are a recreational enthusiast or military special operations technician we have a course to meet your needs.

We offer multiple courses throughout the year to keep our class sizes smaller for a more enjoyable training experience and minimize the instructor to student ratio.  We pride ourselves on scheduling courses around complicated shift schedules and can accommodate last minute class requests due to deployments or staffing demands.  

NFPA & FEMA Compliant Courses
All Rescue 3 courses meet or exceed the N.F.P.A. 1670 and 1006 rescue training standards. In addition to the N.F.P.A. standards, recent adoption of these training standards by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) now qualifies rescuers certified by Rescue 3 International as meeting the minimum qualifications needed for natural or man-made disaster responses.

Why should I take a N.F.P.A. & F.E.M.A. compliant course?
The NFPA and FEMA standards address a variety of technical rescue disciplines. Both establish general guidelines for the AHJ in assessing hazards, identifying levels of operational capabilities, and establishing training documentation and response guidelines.  We also offer training at 3 skill levels: awareness, operations, and technician; allowing the AHJ to customize training to meet their needs.

NFPA 1006 defines the professional qualifications an individual must possess in order to be certified a rescue technician. The delivery agency (AHJ) provdies the certification, NOT the NFPA. This standard requires the individual to undergo an assessment by a third party before they can be considered a technician. This assessment is available from RQ3 through the Professional Qualification Workshops. As the AHJ, your agency must determine the level of training each person on your team will receive and how each standard will be followed. No matter what your training goals, Rescue NC can set up a program to fit your department's individual needs.




Rescue North Carolina LLC. can provide your organization or company the following Rescue 3 International training opportunities:


Quick Links:

Rescue 3 Swiftwater & Flood Rescue Courses

  • Awareness Levels Courses:

    • Flood Operations

    • Flood Worker Safety

    • Water and Flood Awareness

    • Water and Flood Awareness Online

  • Operations Level Courses

    • Swiftwater and Flood Rescue First Responder  

    • Basic Water First Responder      

    • Basic Water First Responder  


Rescue 3 Technical Rope & Tower Rescue Courses

  • Operations Level Courses

  • First Due Low Angle Rescue

  • Technical Rope Rescue-Operations Level (Available until Jan 2018)

  • Rope Rescue Operator (Coming Soon)

  • Technician Level Courses

  • Technical Rope Rescue Technician Level 

  • Tower Safety & Rescue Technician

  • Rope Rescue Technician (Coming Soon)

  • Confined Space Rescue for the Rescue Professional

  • Specialist Level Courses

  • Rope Rescue Specialist (Coming Soon)


Rescue 3 Industrial Water Safety & Rescue Courses

  • Lifejacket Competent User

  • Safe Working Near Water

  • Co-Worker Rescue from Water – Basic

  • Co-Worker Rescue from Water & Basic and Moving

  • Flood Worker Safety

  • Flood Operations


Rescue 3 Industrial Safety, Rope, & Tower Rescue Courses

  • Safe Work at Heights

  • Co-worker Rescue at Heights

  • Rope Access Safety and Rescue

  • Industrial Rope Rescue Technician

  • Industrial Tower Safety, Climbing, & Rescue



Rescue 3 Confined Space Rescue Courses 
(Industrial & Professional Responders)

  • Confined Space Entry and Rescue

  •  Confined Space Rescue Operator

  • Confined Space Rescue Technician

  • Confined Space Rescue Specialist

  • Basic Air Monitoring

  • Air Monitoring Qualified Person