Upcoming Courses:

Highlands, NC

Western, NC

September 11,12, 2017


Course Overview

The Recreational Rappel Operator course is a four-day ;32 hour course based upon international rope practices that covers how to lead and direct group rappelling activities during a recreational context. Our course is targeted for outdoor expedition guides and recreational counselors who have the responsibility of guiding youth and special groups in outdoor excursions that involve rappelling or climbing activities. The course will provide students with an introduction to the characteristics of rope construction, knots, and improvised rigging for descent control operations, as well as, a series of self rescue, assisted rescue, or true rescue problems. 


Students will learn about environmental awareness to reduce the footprint of group activities on the environment and implementation of the the “Leave No Trace” standard.. The course will take an in-depth look into rope physics, rappelling terminology, and use of a variety of primitive and advanced technical equipment. The course also includes a comprehensive knowledge of single and multi-point anchors, as well as, artificial anchoring systems. As an added feature, students will become proficient in erecting portable high directional anchors using timbers or man-made rigging pods like the Terradaptor  to create a safer rappelling experience.



In addition to rappelling, several belaying techniques, coaching techniques for new rappellers, emergency self-rescue, pick-off drills, ascending the rope and lowering & raising systems are taught using mechanical advantage.

This course is aimed at recreational guides and staff only and not suitable for public safety or industrial rope access.


$400 For First timers

$250 For Re-Certs