Our real-time scenario-based custom Specialist courses are specifically designed for certified responders as a way to expand upon their previously acquired certifications. These courses train your techncial rescue team members into team leaders.

Rescue North Carolina
Custom Specialist & Con-Ed Courses

Specialist & Continuing Education

In 2014, we recognized the need for certified responders who have completed NFPA firefighter or technical rescue standards training to further their experience level by offer “Training Beyond The Technician Level”. The philosophy behind the Specialist level courses are to apply the skill sets and requite knowledge acquired into a Scenario-Based training program. This is where we push your training to the next level through real world problems in a variety of challenging environments.

To attend these courses, a list of pre-requisites  MUST be met in order to participate.

Firefighter Specialist Courses

  • High-Rise & Mid Rise Fires
  • Live Fire Training
  • Street Smart Tactics
  • Wind Driven Fire Tactics
  • Basement Fire Tactics
  • Advanced Fire Dynamics
  • Fire Physics 101
  • Flow Path Management
  • Non-Traditional Fire Attack
  • The Coordinated Fire Attack
  • Truck Work Tactics


Rescue Specialist Courses

  • Swiftwater Rescue Guide School
  • Night Operations Rescue
  • Rescue Swimmer & Rigger School
  • Wilderness Rescue & Rigging Specialist
  • POD School (Artificial High Directional Systems)
  • Special Extrication Specialist
  • Heavy Equipment Rescue
  • Advanced Bus Extrication Specialist
  • Aerial Rescue & Rigging
  • Outdoor Recreational Rescue