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The Special Rescue Rigging Operational Exercise  is unlike any other rope rescue training event you will ever experience.

This is a scenario-based course created to provide Rope Rescue Specialist training for NFPA certified Rope Rescue Technicians who wish to expand upon their previously acquired skill sets. This course goes beyond the Technician level training by introducing new rescue techniques, utilizing state of the art rescue gear under a variety of challenging training environments like night operations, waterfalls, overlooks, and other rugged terrain.

Topics include:
  • Mirrored (Twin-Rope) Rescue Systems
  • New Technology Devices (MPD, Petzl ID, Aztek MAS)
  • Advanced Rescue Techniques (Skate Block Systems…)
  • Natural & Artificial High Directional Anchors
    • Monopods (Gin Poles)
    • BI-Pods (A-Frames)
    • Tri-pods
    • Terradaptor, Arizona Vortex, Timber Rigging
    • Natural High-Directional Anchors
  • Night Rope Rescue Operations
  • Horizontal Highline Operations
  • Waterfall Rescues
  • Industrial Rope Rescue
  • Moderate & High Angle Wilderness Rescue


ALL Students MUST be certified to the NFPA 1006 & 1670 rope rescue technician level. This course is an advanced level course and not suitable towards entry level students. This course is being offered throughout the Great Smokies of North Carolina near the Towns of Franklin and Highlands.

Students must provide proof of certification prior to acceptance into the course.

Equipment Needs:

Students will need to provide their own Personal Protective Equipment to include:
  • NFPA Class III Harness
  • Climbing Helmet
  • Eye Protection
  • Thermal Protection & All Weather Clothing
  • Rugged Boots
  • Mechanics or Rope Gloves (No firefighting or extrication gloves)
  • Hydration system with back pack for snacks
  • Headlamp (capable of being mounted to helmet)

Itinerary / Schedule

Day #1 December 14, 2018 0800 hrs.- 1800 hrs. Location: Southwestern Community College;
Jerry Sutton Public Safety Training Complex                   225 Industrial Park Loop, Franklin, NC 28734 Morning Session:
  • Skills Review (Decent Control Devices, Anchors, MAS, New Technology Devices)
  • Mirrored Rescue Systems (Twin Rope)
  • Artificial High Directional Rigging (Terradaptor & Arizona Vortex)
Afternoon Session:
  • Highline Review (Norwegian, English, Sloping & Drooping Reeves)
  • Skate Block Systems

Evening Session:     Rescue Scenario #1

Day #2     December 15, 2018 0800 hrs.- 1800 hrs. Location; To Be Announced
  • Morning Session:    Rescue Scenario #2
  • Afternoon Session: Rescue Scenario #3
Day #3    December 16, 2018
0800 hrs.- 1800 hrs.
Location; To Be Announced
  • Morning Session:    Rescue Scenario #4
  • Afternoon Session: Rescue Scenario #5


Meals will be at the expense of each student.  Prepare for bag lunch on days 2 & 3.

We will travel to Dillard Georgia on Saturday night for a class supper at the Dillard House.

Bring Snacks!!


$125 Per NC Resident Responder Student Add $75 For any out of state students