Professional Fire & Special Rescue Operations Services & Training Courses

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Fire & Technical Rescue Training
  • NFPA 1001 Firefighter Certification
  • NFPA 1006 & Technical Rescue
  • Firefighter & Rescue Specialist
  • Fire Officer Development
  • Wilderness Rescue
  • Fire Officer Tactics Courses
  • Advanced Fire Dynamics
  • Live Fire Training
Stand-By Rescue & Safety Services
  • Rescue Planning
  • Safe Work Assessments
  • Safety Awareness Programs
  • Confined Space Stand-By
  • Water Rescue Stand-By
  • Rope Rescue Stand-By
  • Boat Rescue Operations
  • Special Event Stand-By
Industrial Safety Training
  • Confined Space Safety
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Fire Brigade Training
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • High Angle Rope Rescue
  • HAZWOPER Courses
  • Elevator Rescue Training

Technical Rescuer Study Guides

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TR Series Powerpoints

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Training Beyond the Technician Level

Let’s face it…No technical rescues or structure fire will ever be identical… Our training courses prepare the student for extreme events by incorporating harsh environmental climates, night operations, equipment limitations, varying team member credentials, and many other aspects that may influence the outcome of a successful operation. Our Firefighter, Fire Officer, & Rescue Specialist courses are designed to meet the specific needs your technical rescue team by providing certified teams members with challenging realistic rescue scenarios.

Our Technical rescue Programs

We offer several options for technical rescue training. whether you are just beginning your career as a Technical Rescuer or a novice, we have an course to suit your needs. We offer NFPA certification courses through the NC State Fire Marshall’s Office and NFPA 1006 & 1670 compliant courses as a part of our Rescue Specialist custom courses.

Technician Level Courses

NFPA 1006/2500/ 1670 Compliant Technical Rescuer Certification Courses (These are actual pictures from our courses)

Inflatable Rescue Boat


rescue Specialist Courses

NFPA 1006/2500/ 1670 Compliant Specialist Courses (Participants MUST be certified to the TECHNICIANLEVEL certification for each discipline)

Advanced Bus Extrication Rescues

Wilderness Rescue

Special Rigging Ops.

Waterfall Rescue

Elevator Rescue

Big Rig Rescue

Swiftwater RSQ Night Ops.

Aerial Rigging Operations

Swiftwater Guide School

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Firefighter & Technical Rescuer Certification Courses

NFPA 1006 & 2500 Compliant IFSAC & Pro-Board Accredited

Street Smart Fireground Tactics Courses

Street Smart Tactics
Computer & real-time fireground simulations.

Rescue Specialist Courses

Rescue North Carolina
Customized Rescue Specialist Level Training
Going Above & Beyond the Technician Level.

Flow Path Management & Advanced Fire Dynamics

Fire Physics 101; Flow Path Management; Wind-Driven Fires, Basement Fires and more…

National Fire Academy Courses

Fire Officer Development & Tactics 

Industrial Safety & Rescue  Training & Stand-By Services

Industrial Fire, Rescue, Haz-Mat

“Taking you Beyond Your Comfort Zone is What We Does Best!”

Trey Smith-Owner; rescue North Carolina

Read what our students Have to Say…Don’t just take our word for it…

“During my Technical Rope Rescue Technician Course in Highlands, NC; Trey Smith provided an advanced academic and practical knowledge of the subject matter that makes for a extremely informative, enjoyable, and useful program.

The instructors took extra time to ensure understanding occurred and a safe operation was in order before moving onto the next subject.” “I can’t wait to take my next course with both of them again!”

American Marine Institute

“Trey Smith really knows the trade of technical rescue and offers “real-world” training scenarios.

Our instructors were easily understood, confident, and very thorough in their instructional delivery of my Rope Rescue Technician Level course.”

My Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced course taught by Trey Smith was the most enjoyable and physically challenging course I have taken in my  years as a firefighter.” “Our instructors ensured every student performed the skills efficiently and safely.”

Matt Spears, Lenior Fire Department

“These instructors always keep the class interesting as I have taken many of their classes which have always been excellent. The  classes are very organized and was able to adjust on the fly. Rescue North Carolina Instructors are ALWAYS concerned about whether students understand the material and have mastered a skill before moving to the next topic.”

Kenneth Hall; Cowee FD, Cowee Fire Dept.

*We no longer offer Rescue 3 International courses and no longer endorse nor promote their company.

Fire Programs

In addition to our NFPA 1001 Certified Firefighter courses, we also provide training for fire officers and those aspiring towards learning more about fireground tactics, advanced fire dynamics and company & chief officer level training through our Flow Path Management & Street Smart Tactics curriculums.

Street Smart Tactics
Fire Officer Training
  • National Fire Academy Courses
  • Live Fireground Scenarios
  • Computer Simulations