Upcoming North Carolina TR Water Rescue Courses

Northampton County (NC)
Gaston Fire & Rescue
October 16,17,22,23,24, 2021
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Mecklenburg County (NC)
Charlotte Fire Department
October 11,12,13,14,15, 202

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Upcoming Swiftwater Rescue Specialist Series Courses

Northampton County, NC
Gaston Fire & Rescue
October 18,19,20, 2021

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Cherokee County (NC)
Valleytown Fire & Rescue
October 26,27,28, 2021

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What is the Swiftwater / Flood Rescue Specialist Series ?

Since 1994, RSQNC has been delivering Swiftwater Rescue Technician Level courses to entry level responders from across the globe. We recognize the lack of advanced level training opportunities available for those responders who have reached the Water Rescue Technician Level.
So, RSQNC has developed a series of custom courses specifically aimed at meeting your agencies needs. These specialized courses are offered to certified responders as “specialty programs” offered as a series of combined classes based upon the jurisdictional or agency’s specific needs.

The SRS (Swiftwater Rescue Specialist) Series includes:

  • Swiftwater Rescue Task Force Deployment and Response
  • Rope Rigging Operations
  • Night Operations Considerations
  • Advanced Rescue Swimmer Operations
  • Real-Time Wide Area Search Operations
  • NFPA Swiftwater Guide Training and Boat Operator Techniques
  • Swiftwater Raft Guide School
  • Specialized Boat Rigging & Deployment Techniques
  • Watercraft Search Operations (Surface & Swiftwater Environments)
  • Specialized Watercraft Operations
  • Real-Time Scenario-Based Training Day and Night Operations.
  • SAR Topo Search Based Management Operations
  • and more…

Who Can Attend?

This course is only available for certified TR Water and Rope Rescue Technicians compliant with the NFPA 1006 & 1670 standards. This course is a scenario-based training program so minimal skills sets are taught but expanded upon from previous certification training.

Pre-requisites include:

TR-Water Rescue Technician

TR-Rope Rescue Technician

EMT; Medical Responder; Paramedic; or higher

Haz-Mat Operations

Boat Operator/Boat Crew (Preferred)

Swiftwater Rescue Technician I & SRT Advanced (In lieu of TR Water Rescue Technician)

Upcoming North Carolina TR Trench Rescue Course

Join us for the 64-hour North Carolina Technical Rescuer; Trench Rescue Series in Murphy, NC at the Tri-County Community College Training Center. This course is a week cousre offering the basics and advanced skill sets needed to conduct cave-in style rescues in trenching operations. The Valleytown Fire & Rescue Special Operations team in Andrews, NC is looking to expend their rescue team by incorporating regional responders from Clay, Graham, Macon, and Cherokee Counties to assist with their collapse operations capabilities. 

TR-Trench Rescue Technician
Tri-County Community College; Murphy, NC

Week #1: November 7,8,9,10,
Week #2: November 14,15,16,17
Week #3: November 20,21
Week #4: December 1,2,3,4

Four Oaks Fire Department
Technical Rescuer Series; Rope Rescue Technician Level
Class Videos

Johnston County, NC
Four Oaks Fire Department

Technical Rescuer Series; Victim Management
Class Video; August 2021


Johnston County, NC
Four Oaks Fire Department

Technical Rescuer Series; Horizontal Highline Rescue Systems
Class Video; August 2021

Johnston County, NC

Four Oaks Fire Department

Technical Rescuer Series; Fixed Ropes & Lowers & Raises

Class Video; August 2021

Upcoming North Carolina  Technical  Rescuer Series Courses

2021 Special Rigging Operations Class Video
Maggie Valley, NC


In June 2021, RSQNC offered our annual Special Rigging Operations course in Maggie Valley, NC at the infamous Ghost Town in the Sky Amusement Park.  

Technical Rescuer Series Study Guides & Video Links

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