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Swiftwater Rescue

  • SRT I
  • SRT Advanced
  • SRT 1st Responder
  • SRT Guide School
  • SRT Black Ops. 
  • TR Water Rescue
  • SRT Con Ed
  • Water Safety

Rope Rescue

  • Rope Rescue  NFPA Level I 
  • Rope Rescue NFPA Level II 
  • Tower Rescue
  • Recreational Rappel Operator
  • Industrial Rope Ops.
  • Wilderness Rope Ops. 
  • POD School
  • Fall Arrest
  • TR-Rope Rescue

Extrication Rescue

  • Vehicle Extrication
  • Advanced Bus Extrication
  • Heavy Rig Extrication
  • Machinery Rescue

Confined Space Rescue

  • CSR NFPA Level I
  • CSR NFPA Level II
  • Industrial OSHA CSR I
  • INdustrial OSHA CSR II
  • OSHA CSR Refresher

Trench Rescue

  • Trench Rescue Level I
  • Trench Rescue Level II
  • OSHA Trench Safety
Water Rescue
 Rope Rescue
 Extrication Rescue
Confined Space Rescue
 Trench Rescue
 Wilderness Rescue
 Tower Rescue
 Agriculture Rescue
 Recreational Rescue
Heavy Rig Rescue
 Bus Extrication Rescue
 Elevator Rescue
 Fire Training
 Haz-Mat Training
 Industrial Training
 National Fire Academy 

Our Mission:
Rescue North Carolina LLC. is commited to promoting knowledge, experience, and safety, as well as, to reduce injuries and deaths of our nation's responders and within the communities they serve.   
Provide  comprehensive and challenging courses to our students  while providing opportunities  for personal career development.   Make a lasting impression upon their ability to manage, perform, and conduct fire & rescue operations." We accomplished through reading assignments, lectures, extensive hands-on practical exercises, simulations, and a formal testing process." 
And most of all.... make the learning process fun!

Our Course Affiliates

Here is a list of our course affiliates and course offerings that we are able to deliver.  click on the icon to learn more.

Rescue 3 International
NC OSFM Courses
Rescue NC Courses
National Fire Academy
National Fire Academy
Flow Path Management
Fire & Rescue Concepts
Fire & Rescue Concepts

About Us

Hi y'all! We are a North Carolina based company  serving the special rescue  operations response community since 1994. We offer comprehensive safety  and technical rescue and emergency response team training to  the public safety,  industrial,  military and outdoor enthusiasts from  across the world.
We pride ourselves on our internationally accredited staff.. Our instructors and staff are practioners in the field of technical rescue and  logged thousands of hours in their teaching discipline. 
Our promise to you is to consistently deliver and exceed industry standards through the most realistic scenario-based learning methods.   You will discover our training formats offer the latest techniques and equipment  that exceed international standards

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Rescue 3 Int. Courses

Rescue 3 International Courses Scheduled

We have over ten (10) Rescue 3 International courses slated for 2018.  We offer a customized Rescue 3 course specifically for your agency's needs and busy time demands. We offer multiple courses throughout the year to keep pour class sizes smaller for a more enjoyable training experience and instructor to student ratio.  We pride ourselves on scheduling courses around complicated shift schedules and can accommodate last minute class requests due to deployments or staffing demands.  

NFPA & FEMA Compliant Courses
All Rescue 3 courses meet or exceed the N.F.P.A. 1670 and 1006 rescue training standards. In addition to the N.F.P.A. standards, recent adoption of these training standards by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) now qualifies rescuers certified by Rescue 3 International as meeting the minimum qualifications needed for natural or man-made disaster responses.

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Water Rescue

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Rope Rescue
Extrication Rescue

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