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Inflatable Rescue Boat (I.R.B.) Guide School

IRB School

October 24,25,26, 2019

In an on-going effort to provide certified swiftwater rescue technicians with advanced level training. We are now offering a re-designed course for those agencies who provide raft and powered Inflatable Rescue Boat (I.R.B.) operations as a part of their water rescue services. Having a I.R.B. provides responders with a lower risk alternative towards removing victims from flooding and/or swiftwater environments where watercraft may be suitable for evacuating survivors.  Historically, few rescue teams ever receive realistic training in navigating a raft or powered craft in moving water. Guiding a raft nor operating apower rescue boat is not an easy task, it is an acquired skill set that rescuers must be proficient before attempting rescues in moving rapids or floodwaters.

The I.R.B. School provides the student with a unique perspective towards various IRB operations through lecture and hands-on training. This course also allows the student to practice their acquired skills sets during a real time scenario-based Large area search and rescue operation simulation. This course will introduced you to various surface and swiftwater environments, as well as, becoming proficient in raft guiding among various rapid classifications from class I to Class III.


This is a pilot course for 2019 and also a continuing education course for certified TR-Water Rescue or Swiftwater Rescue Technicians only. There is no FEMA credentialing nor certifications issued. 

Courses We Offer By Subject

Swiftwater & Flood Rescue

Trench Rescue

Confined Space Rescue

High & Low Angle Rope Rescue

Vehicle Rescue

Advanced Bus Extrication

Vehicle Extrication Specialist

Firefighter Certification

Fire Dynamics & Flow Path Management

Elevator Rescue Operations


Night Operations Training 

Inflatable Rescue Boat Operations

Artificial High Directional Rigging

Aerial Rescue Rigging

Special Rescue Operations Hell Week

Wilderness Rescue & Rigging

Industrial Fire & Rescue Brigade Training

Tower Rescue

Heavy Rig Rescue


Upcoming Courses

2019 Rescue 3 International Courses

Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced

October 21,22,23
Bryson City, NC
Nantahala River

Swiftwater Rescue Technician I

November 7,8,9
Bryson City, NC
Nantahala River

2020 North Carolina State Fire Marshall's Office Courses

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Recent Courses & Photos

Technical Rescuer; Vehicle Rescue Series; Haywood County, NC (Junaluska Fire Dept.)

Members of the Junaluska and surrounding regions of Haywood County, NC completed their 64-hour Vehicle Rescue Technician course throughout the months of March and April.

Technical Rescuer Series; Haywood County, NC (Junaluska Fire Dept.)

Throughout the bitterly cold months of December through February, members from the Junaluska Fire Depart and surrounding regions of Transylvania, Buncombe, Swain, and beyond braved brutally cold temperatures to complete their NCOSFM Technical Rescuer General Series at Haywood Community College Public Safety Center. Comprised within their training included Rescue Operations, Basic Ropes, Ascending and Descending a fixed rope and stranded climber pick-off's. IN addition, the participants learn various aspects of natural and artificial high directional anchors, including the use of an aerial and ground ladders. The course also included the use of new multi-purpose rescue devices such as the SMC Terradaptor; Aztek Mechanical Advantage pack, the CMC MPD, as well as, the Petzl MPD. New techniques such as twin tensioned rope systems and the long tailed interlocking bowline were just a few of the advanced techniques this group enjoyed learning. 

2018 Special Rescue Rigging Operations Exercise 

During the month of December 2018, twelve rescue specialist from across the Carolinas participated in our 1st Annual Special Rescue Rigging Operations Exercise throughout the mountains of the Great Smokies in Western, NC. This rope specialist course is open to all certified NFPA Rope Rescue Technician students. The course is offered solely as a scenario-based training exercise that allow students to operate as a deployment task force rescue team and manage and conduct high-risk  rescue problems within urban, industrial, and wilderness environments (including night operations).

Our scenarios included:

  • Artificial High Directional Configurations
  • Twin Rope (Mirrored Rope Systems)
  • Advanced Rigging Techniques
  • New Technology Rope Devices
  • Multi-Purpose Descent Control Devices
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Elevator Shaft Rescue
  • Wilderness Rescue
  • Industrial Rescue
  • Tower Rescue
  • Waterfall Rescue
  • Artificial Anchors

TR; Water Rescue Class Video;
Swain County, NC October 2018

Checkout this great video produced by one of our students Skyler Mcevoy following our 48 hr.  Technical Rescuer; Water Rescue course in Western, NC.

Swiftwater Rescue Technician I August 2018 Class Photos

Several of our friends from Union County  & Madison County Georgia joined us along the banks of the Nantahala, River to complete their SRT I course.

2018 Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB)
Guide School Class Photos

In October, we offered our annual IRB  Guide School over a 3-day format to several responders from across the Southeastern, US. Students learn the basics of operating rafts in variety of rapids and  how to perform boat based rescues, as well as, boat pin scenarios.

Valleytown Fire & Rescue Confined Space Rescue Technician

Throughout 2018, members of the Valleytown Fire & Rescue and others from surrounding jurisdictions completed over 64 hours of Confined Space Rescue Technician training.

Valleytown Fire & Rescue Trench Rescue Technician

In addition to their confined Space Rescue training, Valleytown Fire & Rescue also completed the entire Trench Rescue Technician training that also allowed them to become a certified Trench and Confined Space Heavy Rescue provider with the NC Rescue Squads & EMS Association.

Flow Path Management Cherokee Co., NC

Tri-County Community College hosted our 3-day Flow Path Management Training Experience course to firefighters throughout Western, NC in Cherokee & Clay counties. This course was comprised of 8 hours of fire physics lecture followed by hand's-on small-scale model house burns and a fuel package demonstration, followed by an acquired structure burn with the Murphy Fire Department's Engine Operations class.

Our Course Affiliates

We serve as a RSQ3 International Preferred Provider for America's Leading Technical Rescue Training Programs.

  • Swiftwater & Flood Rescue
  • Technical Rope Rescue
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Tower Rescue
  • Industrial Safety & Rescue
  • Public Safety Professionals
  • Military Special Operations
  • Recreational Rappelling Operations
  • Tower Rescue For the Professional
  • Industrial Confined Space Rescue

We specialize in NCOSFM Firefighter & Technical Rescue Certification Course, as well as, other specialty classes.

  • Firefighter Certification
  • Technical Rescuer Certification
  • Water Rescue
  • Trench Rescue
  • Rope Rescue
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Vehicle & Machinery Extrication
  • Wilderness Rescue
  • Live Structural Fire Training
  • National Fire Academy

Our Rescue Specialist Training Series are scenario-based courses train certified rescuers "Beyond the Technician Level".

  • Swiftwater Rescue Guide School
  • Wilderness Rigging & Rescue
  • POD School (Artificial High Directional)
  • Advance Bus & Big Rig Extrication
  • Advanced Vehicle Rescue
  • Industrial Rope & Confined Space 
  • Technical Rescue Night Operations
  • Challenge Tower & Zip-line Rescue
  • Aerial Ladder Rigging

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