I regret to inform our thousands of dedicated alumni, students,  friends, and followers that I have decided to  terminate my 26-year business relationship with Rescue 3 International technical rescue courses. 

 I thank the many mentors along the way who taught me so much about technical rescue and  encouraged me to pursue my passion of water rescue. 

Trey Smith -Owner 
Rescue North Carolina LLC.



Upcoming TR General Courses 


The Hiwasee Dam & Clay County TR Victim Management courses are being combined into one course slated for November 2021. We are actively scheduling the course for possibly a 2-weekend scenario-based training class. 

Being Re-Scheduled

TR Victim Management
Haywodd Community College; Waynesville, NC
October 19,20,21,22 2020

Being Re-Scheduled

New for 2021 !!

NC Technical Rescuer Courses Being Scheduled

  • Graham County Technical Rescue Series is in the planning stages to begin in January 2021

  • Haywood County Technical Rescuer Series is in the planning stages to begin in January 2021. 

  • New 4-day Inflatable Rescue Boat Operator School being developed for Spring 

Our Class Galleries

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Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced
October 2019

Swiftwater Rescue Technician Unit I;
October 2019

TR Water Rescue  Southwestern  Comm. College
     October 2019

Hiwasee Fire Department TR Water Rescue  September 2019

Cowpens Fire Department
Swiftwater Rescue Technician I   September 2019

Hell Week Valleytown Fire Department
September 2019

Townsend Fire Department
Swiftwater Rescue Technician  I  September 2019

Haywood Comm. College TR Water Rescue Technician       May 2019

Clayton Fire Department TR Water Rescue
July 2019

Valleytown Fire Department
TR Water Rescue   June 2019

Junaluska Fire Department
TR Vehicle Rescue    May 2019

Junaluska Fire Department
TR Rescue Technician    February 2019

Gaston Fire Department
TR Water Rescue  August 2019