TR Vehicle Rescue Technician

Our NC OSFM TR Vehicle Rescue Technician courses are known for their extensive training in not only hand tool extrication but advanced extrication techniques. Our scenario-based training combines the lessons and skills sets acquired during each course and combines them into realistic training scenarios using a variety of rescue equipment under extreme training conditions.

Protective Gear Needed:

  • Turnout gear or Extrication Jumpsuit or Flight suit
  • Extrication or Fire Gloves with crush protection
  • Rescue or fire helmet
  • Closed eye protection
  • Fire Hood or neck Protection
  • Air Purified Respirator (Half-Mask)
  • Ear Protection
  • Backpack Hydration System




Vehicle – Rescue Ops/Vehicle Rescue

FIP 5711


Vehicle – Vehicle Anatomy/New Technology

FIP 5712


Vehicle – Stabilization/Extrication

FIP 5713


Vehicle – Large Vehicle Rescue

FIP 5714


Vehicle – Victim Management

FIP 5715



Tesla Vehicles

For Vehicle Owners

In the event of an accident, follow these instructions:

  1. Turn off your vehicle

    Roadsters: Turn off the vehicle and remove the key.
    Model S, Model X and Model 3: Simply press the “park” button on the end of the gear-selector stalk.

    Tesla vehicles are electric and make no noise even when the powertrain is energized.

  2. Call Roadside Assistance

    Call Tesla Roadside Assistance. If it’s an emergency, dial 911.

  3. Review the Vehicle Ownership Card

    See the Vehicle Ownership Card in your glove box for 24-hour Roadside Assistance information and towing instructions.

Carbuster Series