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TR Confined Space Rescue Technician

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Confined Space Rescue Operations

FIP 5901


Confined Space Rescue Rigging
Mechanical Advantage
Anchor Systems

FIP 5902


Confined Space Hazard Control

FIP 5903


Confined Space Victim Management

FIP 5904


Confined Space Series
(Taken as one course)

FIP 5900


Confined Space Course Descriptions:

This series will present the Technical Rescuer with the knowledge, skills, and ability to satisfy the requirements of Chapter Seven (Confined Space) of NFPA 1006: Standard for Technical Rescue Professional Qualifications.

Classes included in this course are:

Confined Space Rescue Operations

This class will present the Technical Rescuer with the requirements for pre-planning, scene size-up, and hazards assessment for incidents involving confined space emergencies. This class will also introduce the Technical Rescuer to applicable standards confined spaces (permit required and non permit required), PPE, and rescue equipment needed for emergencies involving confined spaces.

Confined Space Rescue Rigging

This course will present to the Technical Rescuer the proper use of ropes and other related rescue rigging equipment used during trench & confined space emergencies. This course will involve the setup of various ladder and timber configuration, anchors, and mechanical advantage systems used for technical rescues.

Confined Space Hazard Control

This class will present the Technical Rescuer with the correct techniques for the setup, operation, and function of various hazard control measures and devices used during confined space rescue incidents.

Confined Space Victim Management

This class will offer the Technical Rescuer practical application for gaining, accessing, stabilizing, packaging, and removing patients from a confined space incident.