About Us

The Flow Path Management Training courses are considered advanced firefighter courses for anyone engaging or managing the structural fire attack. Our courses highlight the findings of many years of dedicated fire researchers and identifies how to recognize the potential for “extreme fire behavior” by educating participants with a first-hand observation and participation of the physics of firefighting.

Our courses are progressively introduce the participant to Flow Path Management through extensive lectures, practical applications involving candles, doll house model burns, modern & legacy fuel test comparison burns, exterior observation container fires, flashover simulators, burn buildings, or acquired structures. We conclude with a practical demonstration of the effects of a controlled wind driven fire using a Mobile Ventilator Unit (if available) to re-create a controlled “extreme fire condition” upon a structure fire and how the fire travel.

Our Target Audience

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Pre-requisites & Target Audience:
The course is considered an advanced firefighting course.
(Not an entry level course)

Those attending should be familiar with basic fire behavior and structural fire attack. This course will incorporate live fire training; therefore, attendees must provide NFPA 1403 compliant certification in order to participate.

This course is targeted for:

  • Certified Firefighters
  • Line Fire Officers (Lieutenants, Captain, Training..)
  • Chief Fire Officers
  • Live Fire Qualified Instructors