NC OSFM; TR Water Rescue Technician

The TR Water Rescue Technician course is considered by many to be the most challenging courses we offer. This 48=hour course combines the NFPA Surface & Swiftwater Rescue chapter into one certification. This course is considered a very physically and psychologically demanding course. Those with pre-existing medical conditions should obtain a physical prior to attending this course.

The North Carolina OSFM Technical Rescuer Water Rescue series is comprised of four modules offered over a two-weekend series that enables the
student to obtain the requirements needed to obtain full NFPA 1006 certification for both surface and swiftwater rescue. This course is also a fully accredited course through IFSAC & Pro-Board. Many other private training providers are not accredited delivery agencies.
Please note: Completion of the TR General & TR Rope Technician is required for certification but not required for attendance to this course. However, it is strongly encouraged as certification will not be awarded to until all requirements for TR Water Rescue are fulfilled.
The OSFM TR Water Rescue series is a 48-hour series specifically designed
to fulfill the NFPA 1006 Minimum Job Performance Requirements (JPR’s) for those agencies who have the responsibility of surface and swiftwater rescue responses.
This a general & advanced level knowledge course with required minimum skill performance evaluations that must be completed prior to attending the written exam.




Water Rescue Operations

FIP 6405


Water Rescue Techniques

FIP 6406


Water Rescue Transportation

FIP 6407


Water Rescue Victim Management

FIP 6408


Water Rescue Series

FIP 6404