TR Trench Rescue Technician

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Trench Rescue Operations

FIP 6101


Trench Rescue Rigging

Anchor Systems

Mechanical Advantages

FIP 6102


Trench Protective Systems

FIP 6103


Trench Load Stabilization

FIP 6104


Trench Victim Management

FIP 6105



Our NC OSFM TR Trench Rescue Technician courses are offered separately or as a series. This program is a 64-hour program that certifies first responders, contractors, public works employees in OSHA & NFPA compliant standards that apply to trench or excavation construction operations, as well as, rescue techniques involving trench & rope rescue operations.

Protective Gear Needed:

  • Turnout gear or Extrication Jumpsuit or Flight suit
  • Rope or rescue style gloves with crush protection
  • Rescue helmet
  • Closed eye protection
  • Fire Hood or neck Protection
  • Air Purified Respirator (Half-Mask)
  • Ear Protection
  • Backpack Hydration System